A Third Easter Post

I think one of the amazing and often overlooked thing that occurred on the Sunday morning of Christ’s resurrection is when the women came to the tomb and found it was empty. The stone was moved away, and they went into the empty tomb. Luke records for us (Luke 24:4-8) that they were perplexed about the situation. All of a sudden, there were two men that immediately appeared and started talking to them. Luke records that they were in dazzling apparel. We are told in the other gospels that they were angels of the Lord. Each gospel writer gives a little bit of a different story and detail to the event. What is amazing to me is this: Mary and Mary Magdalene were not taken back or surprised about speaking to the angels, they were more concerned about where their Lord was. As a follower of Jesus Christ, the allure of the mysterious, emotional, and angelic is not what should enamor us. The love, presence, and relationship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, must be our consuming passion! It obviously was for these women! What an example they are to us.

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