Hope – When There is Nothing Else!

Another verse on hope that I appreciate is Psalm 42:5. In the same chapter verse 11 repeats the phrase; “Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God.”

In this chapter the Psalmist has been experiencing a very difficult time. He says (and a well known song has been written from this chapter) that his soul pants after His God, just as the deer does for water. In his trouble, tears, and heartache the very thing that caused the psalmist to find comfort was his “Hope”. Hope is the confident assurance that eternity is mine, God is in control, and no matter how hard the difficulty God can get me through it!

If you are currently experiencing a tough trial, place your hope in God. Trust and rest in His promise! His promise to you in verse 5 & 11 is that You Will Again Praise Him, Your Salvation, Your God!