The Amazing Word of God

Do you know how awesome Scripture is? What a deep, deep treasure of buried truth we have! When we get into the text and study it for its true meaning, there is a wealth of truth and blessing for our learning. Too many preachers today will not study the grammatical, historical, setting of the text to understand its meaning. They just wish to make people feel good about being in church.

Here is what I mean. My sermon today was on circumcision. Now what in the world would this have to do with your life? I was pumped preaching it today. If you have 32 minutes, I encourage you to go to our Media page and listen or download it. the truth about circumcision has everything to do with your Christian life! The word, or a form of the word, is used 75 times in Scripture. Evidently our Lord thought is was important, and it is. Get the full understanding and rejoice in your position as a true believer in Jesus Christ!
God bless!

A Mission Statement

Years ago, going through a strategic planning series for our church, I was totally impressed and moved by the process. I learned many, many things through the process. You learn about various types of personalities, what an organization really is and what you wish it to be, and also the power of one single word.

Because of that process, I have come to love the mission statement of our church. In all of the Bible, there are three main things that we are to do. We should love the Lord with all our heart. We should love our neighbor as our self. And the third is to love and do your best to help other believers. You can back away from this and take the big picture view. It narrows down to God, those that do not know Christ, and those who do know Christ.

Our mission statement is to:
Pursue God
Partner Together
Proclaim Hope
They all come out of Hebrews 10:22-25. Our worship and Bible study helps us to know God in a deeper way. Our attendance at church and Bible studies helps us to know other believers and to be supportive of them. Our outreach activities enable us to share Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Do you personally have a mission? Does it line up with God’s purpose and Word? Are you pursuing His plan? Are you involved in the three areas of ministry: Worship & Study; Edification of Believers; Evangelizing the Lost

Thinking About Old Age

If you know me personally, you know that for the last five years I have been very involved in helping my parents at the end of their lives. My dad passed away to be with the Lord, two and a half years ago. I just recently moved my mother into assisted living due to her condition. The following are some observations that impact me.

1. Having our first grandchild a few months ago, I see the dependency of a baby and an old person. If currently you are totally independent, enjoy it because it doesn’t last.
2. When you come to the end years/months/ and days of your life, you do not want any regrets! You don’t want a bucket list of people and things to get right! Live your life clean and right with others!
3. Ecclesiastes 12:1 says, “Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, ‘I have no pleasure in them.'” Wow! There is a sermon or two! Your effective time is going to draw to an end. God tells you to remember Him in these days when you can have and be effective! Serve, Worship, Honor, Give, and Enjoy your Creator – your Lord!

The Church

I once again observed our church family do a wonderful thing! It is an awesome sight to watch those whom you led to Christ, or those whom you are leading in spiritual things: Do the Work of God! I have observed the people of Faith at Newtown mobilize and serve the Lord this summer. It is a beautiful thing! I thank God so very much for those whom I am able to touch and direct in ministry! I truly love them!

Here is the Scriptural truth: Ephesians 4:16 “When each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.” Each person in Faith at Newtown is doing this! It is so precious and I am blessed to the Spirit of God doing this in my midst! Praising Jesus!