The Amazing Word of God

Do you know how awesome Scripture is? What a deep, deep treasure of buried truth we have! When we get into the text and study it for its true meaning, there is a wealth of truth and blessing for our learning. Too many preachers today will not study the grammatical, historical, setting of the text to understand its meaning. They just wish to make people feel good about being in church.

Here is what I mean. My sermon today was on circumcision. Now what in the world would this have to do with your life? I was pumped preaching it today. If you have 32 minutes, I encourage you to go to our Media page and listen or download it. the truth about circumcision has everything to do with your Christian life! The word, or a form of the word, is used 75 times in Scripture. Evidently our Lord thought is was important, and it is. Get the full understanding and rejoice in your position as a true believer in Jesus Christ!
God bless!