A Reminder About Death & Life

You can listen to this message from Genesis 23 on the Media page, but please allow me to give you the four main points of the sermon. They come from the chapter as Sarah, Abraham’s wife dies.
1.The Death of a Loved One Reminds Us that We Never Fulfill All Our Desires or See All of His Promises (vs.1-2a)
2. The Death of a Loved One Causes Sever Pain & Grief, When the Relationship has been Properly Developed. (v.2b)
3. The Death of a Loved One Demands that You Move Ahead Making Provisions & Preparations with a Greater Amount of Trust & Dedication. (vs.3-16)
4. The Death of a Loved One Reminds us to Value the Future Above the Temporal (vs.17-20)

The greatest things you own here on this earth are the relationships you have. It is of great importance to build and develop the God-given relationships, while you have time. The greatest and most important urgency is to be certain that the ones you love and relate to, are going to have this relationship with you forever! It is important to walk hand in hand here on this earth, but of much greater importance to walk hand in hand throughout all eternity in heaven!

The Body is Greater

Recently I was impressed with God’s picture of the church. 1 Corinthians 12 gives a description of the Body of Christ. We all are gifted and use our gifts as one member in the body. But the great truth is found in the fact of the body. We are many members, gifted to do His work as an organism! We are a living, moving vehicle to accomplish the work of Christ!

In our new little church start, this became so obvious in the past two months. We as a body were able to be in contact with 5 suffering families, raise a sizable amount of money, and distribute the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to them. This was impossible for me to do on my own. This was impossible for any woman in our church to do on her own. This was impossible for any man in our church to do on his own. Yet, when we all were willing instruments of God, He took all of us, and some people not apart of our church, and together we are able to impact five precious hurting families with a powerful gesture of Christ’s love.

Be active in your church family! The whole body is greater than one individual. Through Him we can accomplish great things! Thanks be unto our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!