I recently was blessed to spend 3 days with my two children, their mates, and our one grandson. I tell you this was such a wonderful time! I have two kids, a daughter in law, and a son in law that love the Lord and serve Him! I am so blessed, for a price tag cannot be placed on this kind of treasure.

Currently in our sermon series, we are studying the life of Joseph. We are a the point where God’s mercy and grace is becoming increasingly obvious. God is working in the brothers lives to bring them to repentance and to restore them as a family. If your family is broken, God can do the mending! No matter how difficult it may appear, God can bring restoration. It was a period of 25 years for these brothers to be confronted with their sin. But, God’s plan and His will was at work. Do what Joseph did: Pray – Trust – Wait – and Believe! Family unity is well worth the wait! God is powerful enough to make it happen!IMG_0676