Abigail is a lovely name.  I love to hear when a parent calls their daughter “Abby.”  After preaching 1 Samuel 25 this past Mother’s Day, I will appreciate the name all the more!  She is a godly example!  What a woman she was!

The godly characteristics that stand out in her life are many.  I will share just three of them.

1.) She did not act as a “victim” in a difficult and horrific circumstance.  No where in this chapter do you hear a grumble or a mumble.  She accepted the plight she was in.

2.) She interceded on behalf of others.  This may be her most godly trait.  She went out of her way, worked hard, and went to intercede for someone who had done her and the household wrongly.  It was Nabal her husband.  But she interceded on his behalf when he did not deserve it!  That is a gracious woman!

3.) She was a peacemaker!  She did what she could to create peace.  She got in-between two hard headed men and made a difference.

May we learn from Abigail and her example!  What a godly woman she was!

Read 1 Samuel 25 and put in your life the characteristics she displayed!