Joy & Rejoicing

Philippians 3:1a “Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord.”

The Apostle Paul gives this command. It is something that we do now and continue to do. It is an active command.  Due to Paul’s circumstances, there is no way that he was in a situation that caused joy. He is sitting in a prison. He has desires to travel and share Christ. He is writing because of his burden for the church at Philippi. But he says to rejoice. Therefore we can conclude that Circumstances Can Never Dictate Your Joy!

The second thing we recognize in this command is the next three words. “In the Lord.” Your Joy Can Only Be Found in a Relationship With Jesus! Paul had joy sitting in a prison, because he had a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. If your relationship with Christ is a continual daily exercise, then no situation and no circumstance will rob you of your joy!

Joy and rejoicing is a choice! A choice to build your relationship with the one upon whom your joy rests.