The Plagues of Egypt

As we study through the life of Moses, I have come across some interesting thoughts and perspectives on the 10 plagues. Recently in a sermon, I studied the plagues from the perspective of Pharaoh.  I found 14 different characteristics of sin, and the depth to which it will take a person. Two very interesting things struck me as I studied it.

1.) Sinfulness creates in you a scenario that you do not like what you are doing. You want to change it, but you do not make a choice to change it immediately. When Pharaoh was posed with a choice to have the plague of frogs removed, he asks Moses to take them away “tomorrow.” He did not ask for them to be immediately gone! This is just like the person caught up in sin. They wish to get away from it, but they want to enjoy one more night of their sin.  (Exodus 8:9-10)

2.) A person overwhelmed with their sin will not be able to free themselves, do not repent, and yet still want the blessing of those who are under the Lord’s care. After Pharaoh chooses to let the Hebrew people go, he says, “be gone, and bless me also!” Isn’t that great? After all the pain and the plagues inflicted upon the people, which he could have stopped at anytime; he wants the blessing of the Lord and Moses! (Exodus 12:32) What I find, and this Scripture confirms it; is that sinful man does not enjoy their sin long term, but truly desires to be freed from it and have God’s blessing.

It is so important for us who follow Christ, to point others to repentance and the hope that is found in Jesus Christ!