Just When You Think He Isn’t There

Studying through the life of Moses and the Book of Exodus, I came across an important truth of Scripture. Our sovereign LORD, during the Exodus, (Exodus 14) purposely positioned the Hebrew children with their backs against the Red Sea. This caused the Israelites to murmur and believe that they were going to be killed.

God had them wait a whole evening before crossing the sea. The enemy was coming upon them. At that time, Exodus 14:19-20 tells us that the LORD, their personal Jehovah, moved from before them to the position of behind them. And the end of v.20 tells us “the night passed.” The LORD moved from a position of leading to a position of protecting!

What an awesome LORD we serve! At times can’t see the way, we do not know the path to take, but it is possible at those times He has moved from a leading role to a hind-quarters role of protection. The lesson we must learn is that whether the path is clear or if there is uncertainty, we must trust and believe that He loves, cares, and is protecting us at all times.