What Really Matters?

Another Christmas, another year, and another birthday have passed. For each of us, time marches on. It goes by so quickly and waits for no one. As time passes, what are the things that really matter?

We occasionally sing a song by Geoff Moore and Jeff Silvey titled, “When All is Said and Done.” It asks a few questions about our life after we are gone. Will they say I loved my family? Was I faithful friend? Did I live to tell of God’s own Son? These are all pertinent questions.

Entering a new year, always brings me to a point of asking, “What Really Matters?” Most likely, the Christmas gift you received this past Christmas will have no effect on your life next Christmas. As a matter of fact, you probably will want a better one.

In life, relationships are what matters! First, your relationship with the Lord is most important. Secondly, your relationship to your family is of great importance. And lastly, all your relationships matter. It goes back to that old acrostic of Joy: Jesus – Others – You. How do you have joy in this coming year? Keep Jesus first, others second, and put yourself last.