Another Graduate!

Making the move as a pilgrim from this world into the residency of heaven is a promotion like no other! I write this post as I was just informed of another prayer warrior and saint of God that just met their Maker. Currently, I also am talking with a person who just received some bad news about their health.

It reminds me that the greater task I have is to walk, teach, and pray with people here on earth so that they may be prepared for their life of eternity. Life is short. Relationships with loved ones are cut off way too soon. The only thing that should capture our focus is the preparation for “forever.” Forever is a long, long time.

Our Savior came to earth and spent only 3 years in a public ministry setting. But, His life, death, and resurrection prepared the way for all of our eternity! (John 14:6) So losing another dear friend in Christ creates a heaviness of heart. Yet I know that the only things that we can take with us to heaven, are the eternal relationships we build through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

May we all focus on the eternal days of our lives, and not so much on the temporary arrangements! My dear brother of encouragement will be missed! Happy Graduation!