The Urgency of a Christian Walk – Romans 13:11-14

Most of us are pretty lethargic when it comes to living biblically and living to please God. We have been lulled into a sense of complacency by Satan and his lies and feel no urgency to live our lives as a representative of Christ. Instead, we live fulfilling the desires of our flesh. But the apostle Paul, in his letter to the church in Rome warns the believers in Rome that there is an urgency to live our lives as a representative of Jesus because salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. He warns them (and us today) that there is an urgency to live biblically, to guard our actions and to abstain from the desires of the flesh.
The pleasures of sin last only a season but the pleasures of Christ are eternal! We have been chosen by God and with that calling comes the command and responsibility to live according to the Spirit, not the flesh, so that we will be living testimonies to those around us. We are to stand apart from the rest of the world because we are not of this world. We are God’s children, and we must live as God’s children. We are to clothe ourselves in Christ’s righteousness and live as representatives of Him, abstaining from the pleasures of the flesh. Paul reminds us that there is an urgency in standing firm against the spiritual warfare that is surrounding us each and every day. We are in a constant spiritual battle with Satan who is out to destroy us, and we need to be prepared! Every day we are in spiritual warfare, and we must wake up and put on the armor of God, so that we can stand strong against Satan and his schemes. We need to step out of the darkness that Satan is luring us further into, and we need to stop our sinful behaviors and step into the light of Christ, clothing ourselves with His righteousness and living to please Him. We each have a season in which we have been called to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord and in which we are to witness for Him. There is an urgency because time is short and is getting shorter with each passing day. We must rid ourselves of our lethargy, and we must replace it with a new sense of urgency. We must turn from our sinful behavior, turn from living for our fleshly desires, and live to please the Lord before our season is over.
(Romans 13:11-14)