God Does Reveal His Glory

In Mark 6:45-52, Christ manifests his glory to the disciples by walking on water. God wants to manifest his glory in your life as he did to the disciples. Allow him. We all have storms in life, and we all have a choice to make when we go through them. Your storm can either strengthen your faith or it can overwhelm you with doubt leading you to turn away. If you choose to respond with doubt or anger, your heart will be hardened. You will not see the miracle God may be performing in your life. Trust Christ during your storm, and allow your heart to be softened. With a pliable heart, you will see his glory and profound love. In the storm God wants to reveal his glory to you. He wants you to know that you have a personal Savior. One who knows you, sees you and is for you. Trust him and realize that he is all you need in life. It is during your storm and trial that you can truly see his glory. Allow your heart to be soft in the storms of life. Choose to see Christ’s hand at work, and firmly plant your trust in him.