Paradoxes of Scripture

Webster’s dictionary defines paradox as “a person having seemingly contradictory qualities.” As true believers in Christ we should be a paradox to the world. Our lifestyle should be contradictory to the lifestyle of non-believers.  As true believers, our lives should be lived in stark contrast to the world. We do this by conforming to God’s standards, not the world’s. We should live according to the Spirit of God and not the flesh. We need to understand, live and practice paradoxical principles!  God states that his ways are higher than our ways. (Isaiah 55: 8-10). God’s word gives five paradoxes. Let them be your guide for living.

1.  To receive you must give.
2.  To advance you must lose.
3.  To live you must die.
4.  To be exalted you must humble yourself.
5.  To be strong you must become weak.

The world should see a difference in you. You are not of this world but made for another. (John 17:16)