Though its cove…

Though its cover is worn and its pages are torn, and the places bear traces of tears;
Yet more precious than gold is this Book worn and old, that can shatter and scatter our fears!

Have you read your Bible today? It is so important and so special!

A Mission Statement

Years ago, going through a strategic planning series for our church, I was totally impressed and moved by the process. I learned many, many things through the process. You learn about various types of personalities, what an organization really is and what you wish it to be, and also the power of one single word.

Because of that process, I have come to love the mission statement of our church. In all of the Bible, there are three main things that we are to do. We should love the Lord with all our heart. We should love our neighbor as our self. And the third is to love and do your best to help other believers. You can back away from this and take the big picture view. It narrows down to God, those that do not know Christ, and those who do know Christ.

Our mission statement is to:
Pursue God
Partner Together
Proclaim Hope
They all come out of Hebrews 10:22-25. Our worship and Bible study helps us to know God in a deeper way. Our attendance at church and Bible studies helps us to know other believers and to be supportive of them. Our outreach activities enable us to share Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Do you personally have a mission? Does it line up with God’s purpose and Word? Are you pursuing His plan? Are you involved in the three areas of ministry: Worship & Study; Edification of Believers; Evangelizing the Lost

The Will of God

A lot of interest and confusion surrounds the will of God and how specific it might be to an individual. I do not want to address that point today, but would like to speak to the basis of His will.

The Will of God is completely found in His Word. His love letter describes what His will is and how to do it. Example: It is His will is for you to be kind at all times. Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted …” Knowing this verse, it is His Will for you to always act in kindness! His will is rooted in His Word. Know and live His Word, and I will promise that you are in the Will of God!

“The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.” (1 John 2:17)

The Word!

I am constantly amazed how relevant the Word of God is for our day! The fact that God preserved it is amazing enough, but when I consider that it is very relevant, very practical, and very helpful in our day 2000-4000 years later it is a big Wow! In my last post, concerning capital punishment, the state legislature debates it today and God gave the answer that works, thousands of years ago! That is powerful!

Make the Word your guidebook! Make it your roadmap for life! Make it your authority! If you do, you will always have God on your side!