Calvary – Golgotha

It is called the place of the skull. Our Savior, the sinless, perfect Son of God, took on flesh to become our sacrificial lamb. This is the day we honor and celebrate the event called Calvary.

I could endlessly discuss the scourging, torture, crown of thorns, asphyxiation, and the physical agony that went along with the weight of bearing and carrying every one of our sins. But reading about the scene and the story today, from the Gospel of John, what struck me was that our Savior was rejected by His own religious people.
(John 19:15-16) They put their trust in Caesar over the Savior! Religious people trusting a secular king. How sad, but necessary for our redemption, salvation, and justification.

Thank God for Calvary! Thank you Jesus for dying for me!

Two Things Jesus Did for Us at Calvary

In my Good Friday message, I shared the two things Calvary gave us that John writes about in his epistle. 1 John 2:1-2 says that Jesus became our Advocate and our Propitiation. Jesus comes alongside of us when we approach God, and He covers us with His shed blood when we attempt to come into the presence of a holy God. Grasping these two concepts will bring great joy to the true believer.