The Word!

I am constantly amazed how relevant the Word of God is for our day! The fact that God preserved it is amazing enough, but when I consider that it is very relevant, very practical, and very helpful in our day 2000-4000 years later it is a big Wow! In my last post, concerning capital punishment, the state legislature debates it today and God gave the answer that works, thousands of years ago! That is powerful!

Make the Word your guidebook! Make it your roadmap for life! Make it your authority! If you do, you will always have God on your side!

In the state of CT

I find it interesting that the state of CT this week debated and are voting on the law of capital punishment. God placed me in the text this week where He, God, established the principle. I have heard on the news that it is antiquated and no longer valued. One congressman who is in favor of it gave his rationale that it should be kept when someone kills a police officer. (Does this mean that you and I are not as important?) God says we are all important to Him! Therefore, He gave this directive.

God’s answer to man and his sin, wrong choices, and rebellion is found in Genesis 9:6. This verse is the Institution of Government. I find it most interesting that God established government on the principle of capital punishment!

In Genesis 4 man went the way of Cain. This means that he chose to live apart from God’s instruction. At the end of that chapter, Lamech is boasting about his murderous actions. Society and culture that turns away from Jehovah God will create a society and culture resulting in anarchy and murder.

This is why God established Capital Punishment. You can call it old fashioned and antiquated, but God calls it the result of sin and the needed remedy for man’s sinfulness. Let’s practice Genesis 9:6 “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.”