Genesis 18:16-19

In the four-part series of messages I am preaching out of Genesis 18, I just shared with our people the third encounter. Abraham has entertained the Lord himself with the finest of meals. The Lord is leaving and going down to Sodom & Gomorrah to observe the wickedness that is there. The Lord reveals to Abraham His plan for the cities. In this revelation, God says he can trust Abraham because of his faithfulness.

In verse 19, we find Six Characteristics of Faithfulness. God attributed these to Abraham, knowing that He could trust Abraham. The six traits are:
1. Leadership “that he may command his children and his household”
2. Example “after him”
3. Commitment “to keep the way of the Lord”
4. Active “by doing”
5. Balance “doing righteousness and justice”
6. Expectancy “that the Lord may bring … what he has promised”

The greatest thing you can do or be for God, is to be faithful! These six characteristics, when part of your life, reveal your faithfulness!

Faithfully, Walk in Godliness!