Giving (continued)

Here are four reasons why I believe we should still be giving a tithe. (1) The tithe predates the Law. Abram paid a tenth before Moses ever came onto the scene. (Gen. 14) Therefore I believe it is a principle that God placed into motion before the Law existed. I believe it is a principle to be followed just as God gave us a Sabbath rest principle in the 7 day week. (2) If your point would be that we live under grace and not law, I would challenge you to then give well beyond a tenth. What the Law required, is far outweighed by grace. Therefore a tenth does not meet the standard of Grace! (I will give the last two in the next post) God bless!


Last week I preached on giving, and I will be this week again. It is probably the most uncomfortable I have been in preaching for a while. I don’t think it came across that way, but it makes you trust Him completely. It is interesting how boldly I can share with people that they are going to an eternal hell without Jesus, but it becomes difficult to tell them to obey God in this area. In my recent study I have come to believe, and know it is very controversial, that the tithe is still for our day and time. If you would like to hear my four reasons for it, I will share them in the next blog. Stay tuned!